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Grow sales, grow market share, grow show attendance, grow brand awareness, grow web statistics, grow consumer understanding… grow, grow, grow.

Linnihan Foy Advertising knows how to help clients grow. We measure our work by the results it delivers. And our results underscore why so many clients have been with Linnihan Foy Advertising for years and years and years.


So, what makes Linnihan Foy Advertising right for you? Excellent question. We offer clients a chance to be better. We offer the opportunity to spend wisely, promote smarter, look better and communicate more effectively.


From developing the strategy to creating all the messages that enhance the brand, Linnihan Foy Advertising is an integrated marketing resource for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Internet-based startups in a variety of industries.


Linnihan Foy Advertising has developed a deep understanding and strategic knowledge of several industry niches. Some sprouted from one client whose success caught the attention of additional clients within the same market.


It’s common for advertising agencies to specialize in a single business sector. Linnihan Foy Advertising opts to specialize in the creation of compelling work. That’s why our clients extend across a broad horizon of industries dotted with bootstrapping startups and global business leaders. By working with bright people, we’re able to develop brilliant results.


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The work produced by Linnihan Foy Advertising can speak for itself. But so can our people. And you’ll benefit a great deal by hearing what they have to say about your project. Linnihan Foy Advertising boasts a fascinating roster of good people and remarkable characters blessed with the gift of advertising. We invite you to test our chops and our wits.


Linnihan Foy Advertising

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Our efforts make significant impacts on our clients’ success, and we’d love to do the same for you. Our first step is discovering more about you and your business. Your first step is giving us a call.